Nine Months and Fifty Pounds Ago


As I re-read the title, I began to realize that you might think I’m pregnant!

Let me just quell your curiosity…

Being a woman of a ‘certain age that is no longer possible!

However, adjusting to RV life has sometimes felt like giving birth!

Let me explain…


A Time of Transition

In January of this year, we left our 6 bedroom farmhouse, on an acre of land, and headed out on the road in a 22′ travel trailer!

This was no easy feat!

Where once we had plenty of room in our home, we now found ourselves tripping over each other in our (a-hem) ‘cosy‘ little camper!


Figuring out what to take and not take became a daily struggle!

Every item had to be lightweight and serve multiple purposes!

Our dormroom sized refrigerator has little to no room, so grocery shopping became a daily chore!

Even cooking, something I once enjoyed and found therapeutic, became a drudgery!

We started eating out more…


Healthy eating became a thing of the past!

I packed on a total of 50 pounds that I’d previously lost!

Now, I realise that change is an inevitable part of life, but come on!

All the things I once enjoyed doing were becoming a pain!

Deep down I know that every person comes in constant contact with some sort of change… things like marriage, career, kids, sickness, relocating, divorce or retirement…

Some of those changes are voluntary…

Other changes are not..

Some bring joy…

Others bring sorrow and confusion…

One thing I’ve found during this time of transition in my life, is that all change can become a positive, strengthening experience.


I will admit… sometimes I would let fear or frustration and loneliness or pain, and even anger keep me from enjoying our time on the road…

However, I am learning that I can accept the reality of change.

And, perhaps I can provide a few words of encouragement to others…

Yes, change is an inevitable part of life.

However, even the most stressful times of change can sometimes bring about the richest of blessings.

Till next time,

~ Sheri

Workamping and Writing

u s dollar bills pin down on the ground
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Money does not grow on trees! Nor does it grow in our garden!

The harsh reality is that when we left the farm, my income dried up!

I was left with the question, ‘How do I make an income while living in an RV?’

After doing some research, and talking with full-time RVers, I’d learned you can find part-time, seasonal, and even full-time positions through Workamper.

I thought, this could be the answer to my income concerns…

One drawback… most campgrounds require you to stay put at least three months… some up to six!

While that’s all well and good, how much could we really see if we’re only doing this RV thing for a year,?!? We won’t cover much territory!

Some work from their RVs making and selling crafts… others find odd jobs along the way… and still others write blogs…

I liked the idea of working from our camper.

But what to do?

It would need to be a ‘good fit’ and, something I enjoy!

I’d thought about my jewelry making supplies. Then, the thought crossed my mind… do we have space?


Our camper’s a cosy 21 foot travel trailer, with little storage!

And, what about the weight of all my supplies? There is only so much allowed!!!

So, the question remained… What to do for income on the road???

After being ‘stuck’ in South Carolina for several months, and a gentle reminder from a friend, I secured a job as a workamper!

It was at this point, I remembered my focus for this trip — eating healthy.


And thus, I have decided to write about the importance of eating healthy,  growing and raising our own foods, and sharing about our little homestead on wheels!

Traveling, workamping and writing… It’s the best of all worlds!

~ Sheri


An Uncertain Future…

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With expenses much, much higher than our original research lead us to believe, we were facing an uncertain future.

What were we going to do?

Our finances were dwindling fast!

The blessing of a kind stranger, allowing us to boondock on his property was a God-send! But, with everything costing so much more than we originally planned for, we found ourselves unsure of what to do…

Going back to the farm was not an option… even if we could have… we would have wound up freezing to death!

Heating fuel for our 6 bedroom farmhouse had been costing us anywhere from $800 to $1800 each time we needed to fill our tank! With the freezing temps we were having before we’d left, we would have gone through thousands of dollars in fuel in a few weeks time!

No, even though we were struggling to find our way in our newest adventure, we were right to leave the farm…

But what to do next?


What was meant to be only a few days on this kind strangers property, turned into a two and a half months stay!

So, we put the time to good use…

We were stuck in South Carolina, but we were not chained to our little homestead! However, wanting to watch our pennies, we looked for things to do that didn’t cost a lot of money…

My cousin took us to a number of tourist attractions and shops… but with monies tight, we only ‘window shopped’ our way around town!

To our surprise, we’d found a nice little place to visit that was right up our homesteading alley… it was only a few minutes away, and, it would only cost us the price of fuel to get there!

So, with camera in hand, we climbed into our truck…

Till next time,

~ Sheri

Best Laid Plans…

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You know what they say about the best laid plans don’t you?

After two days of driving, we were finally below the storms range… we could finally relax and enjoy the drive… with one more day of driving, we would be in South Carolina visiting with family…

However, things didn’t go as planned!

Mom and I had researched everything… especially the costs of staying for a months time at each campground we were planning to stay in…

However, when we arrived at our first destination, we found that the prices were $200-$300 higher than expected… We were devastated!

What were we going to do?!?

Able to stay at our family’s home for a few days allowed us time to make some necessary phone calls… however, it wasn’t long before the HOA informed us that we needed to move…

Frantically we called every RV park within 50 miles. There was nothing in our price range…

It was at this time that my cousin called her pastor… he would allow us to park our camper in their church parking lot! What a God send! That would give us a week to find something… anything!


Alas, even this extra time given us would prove to be fruitless!

Since our camper was not provided with a generator, our battery was wearing down, and even our lights were going dim… although we had propane for the refrigerator, we’d run out and were about to lose all the food that we had just purchased!

However, once again, we were blessed!

One of the parishioners of the church allowed us to plug in and use their electricity….

What planned on being only a few days stay, turned into several months…

Our plans to head farther south… postponed

With expenses much higher than planned, our future was uncertain…

Till next time,

~ Sheri

New Places, New Adventures…



It’s hard to believe that it’s been four months since we left our little homestead in the country!

I remember the night we left, like it was yesterday…

Nightfall would come before we could set out on our maiden voyage… but, depart we must… a severe snow storm was headed our way…

We’d spent the morning and most of the afternoon waiting for our permanent tags. We’d waited for over 3 months! Another delay was not an option! We would freeze to death if we stayed on the farm…

With items still needed for our trip, we couldn’t hitch up the camper just yet! Once the tags arrived, we attached them, and made one final trip into town!


Darkness had fallen by the time we could finally hitch up the trailer! A neighbor came to help, but warned that we should wait till morning to leave!

We did not heed his warning!

With plans to be in Fredericksburg, VA before we stopped for the night, we made one final stop for fuel and munchies! We were finally on our way!


After a long day, road weary, we pulled into a Walmart Parking lot around 2:30 am… somewhere in Virginia…

After asking permission, we found a spot on the outer perimeter of the parking lot.

Thinking we would get to sleep in our new camper for the very first time, we climbed inside only to find our newest little homestead in disarray!


Too tired to clean up the mess we grabbed our blankets and slept in the truck!

A mere 3 hours later, I woke to find a number of other RVers had stopped for the night…

With a check on the weather, I informed my traveling companions that we needed to keep heading south!

I only had plans to drive a total of 5 hours that day… however, the weather had other ideas!

Each time we stopped for a break, I would find the weather rapidly keeping us with us! It would be another 10 hours before we stopped for the night!

Upon waking that morning in North Carolina, I found that we had finally beaten the storm!

I am so very glad that we did not head our neighbors warning! After checking in with friends and family back home, we found we would have been stuck under 2 feet of snow!

With the threat of the storm gone, we were able to relax… One more day, and we would be in South Carolina visiting family! But things were not to be as expected…

Until tomorrow,

~ Sheri



An Uncertain Future


As I lay awake on this early foggy morning, I find myself wondering about my future.

With our original plans to leave our little homestead on November 1st, we’d bought a camper. Nothing fancy… Just a small, 21 foot camper with enough room to eat, sleep and bathe…

Yet, even now, it sits in our driveway… waiting for us to hitch it up and head out on the open road…


We’d found homes for all our chickens…

It’s been more than a month since we’ve had delicious, farm fresh eggs!

I miss our chickens!!!


But, delay after delay keeps up on the homestead.

There must be a reason…

My niece, who had originally planned to come with us, found herself pregnant and decided to stay behind.

Having made arrangements, that did not go as planned, she now finds herself in a quandry… and now, both she and her estranged husband want to ‘tag along’ when we go…

I honestly don’t know how I feel about this latest development…

Do we let them tag along?

If we don’t, choices they’ve made will mean they are homeless within the week…

Have our continued delays kept us here for this purpose?

Mom and I have had a plan from the beginning… To travel these United States… to see those places we’ve only seen in pictures…

We’d also planned to look for a piece of land that has those things we did not know or think to look for when we found our present home… such as a ranch-style home, a creek, and a spring fed well…


And yet, here we stay… Delay after delay, keeping us here, facing an uncertain future…

There must be a purpose…

I can only trust that God has His reasons for our delays…

He must have some sort of plan…

~ Sheri

A Life In Limbo…


“I’m not exactly sure what to do…”

With plans of getting a camper and traveling these United States put on hold, I am struggling to find my way…

All packed up and ready to go, we were looking forward to hitting the road!

I couldn’t wait!

A yard sale was had, to sell off any unwanted items… and we started looking for homes for our chickens…


Mr Wattles moved next door to our neighbors place. He now has two lovely hens all his own! No sharing in that coop! His name is now Harold…

We don’t even have a fall garden… We didn’t plant anything… so there’s no garden to tend… We didn’t expect to be here…


I could probably plant some garlic and radishes… But the question remains… will we be here for the harvest?

Things are still up in the air as to whether we’re staying or leaving…

I hate not knowing what to do… I like to have a plan and having something to do… But, until I know if we’re going or not, my life is in a state of limbo…

However, I guess its true what they say… ‘All things work together for good…’

Although our plan is to travel, we did expect to stay in the area while my niece got herself sorted.

However, the campground where we planned on staying doesn’t have any openings till November, or later….

So, all in all, even though things aren’t going as planned, I know that I can trust God completely, because He knows what is best for my life.

Since I don’t know what to do… And I do like to have a plan… I’ll just plan to throw some burgers on the grill, make some popcorn and have an unexpected movie night!

Until next time,

~ Sheri