I Survived the Littles First Day Out


I found it difficult to ‘let go and let God,’ as we headed back inside the house…

Logically speaking, I know that chickens have been taking care of themselves for thousands of years… but this momma hen was having trouble letting go of her babies!

However, after talking with a few of my fellow chicken farmers, we decided we would let Little Sis have complete control over the careful watch of her young…


Though they are more than 2 weeks old, they are still so small in size compared to the rest of our 1-acre homestead…

I found myself constantly looking out the window to make sure they were okay… yet, every time I peered through the window, I could not find my precious babies!

And, even though there have been hawks and vultures circling the field behind ours, I put my faith in our Creator and in Little Sis, and continued on with my day…

By the time we were ready to go out and close the coop for the night, I had images of unspeakable horrors as to what I might find… but thankfully, I was pleasantly greeted by Little Sis and her young brood!


As I sighed a huge sigh of relief, I went into the feed room for a much-deserved treat for the little family!

And before you ask… Yes, I did share the treats with Teriyaki and the rest of the gang!


After everybody went inside for the night, I finally found myself able to relax…

Now that I know everyone is safe and sound, I can finally say, ‘I survived the ‘Littles’ first day out!’

Till next time,

~ Sheri

New Life on the Homestead

Little Chick

Mom and I swore we weren’t going to breed our flock anymore!

The reason, quite frankly, is because our birds are too closely related. Most of our flock are brothers and sisters, with only a handful of the original flock left…

I have found when breeding, you can breed cousins, aunts and uncles and even mother and child, or father and child… but not brother and sister… There are way too many hereditary health issues which can make your flock very weak… including malformations…

The best method of breeding, I believe, is called ‘Clan Breeding.’ This is where you start with two separate flocks (same breed, of course)… then, you take a rooster from each of the two flocks and switch them out… next, you let nature take its course…

Sunrise Over Garage

Since we decided to no longer breed our flock, we’ve been collecting our girls eggs 2-3 times a day…

However, as things in life happen… nature won out!

Little Sis and Baby Chicks

Our youngest hen, ‘Little Sis,’ decided to go broody a few weeks back! She was strongly protective of the eggs she was sitting on, so I decided to let nature take its course and hope for the best!

Now, we have new life here on the homestead! We have been blessed with 10 precious little baby chicks!

Colorful Chick

For the last few days, we allowed momma and chicks to go outside to stretch their legs, and wings… Little Sis has been quite appreciative of the free ranging, especially after sitting on a nest for 3 weeks! However, we have only been letting them out for about 30-60 minutes in the evening…

Momma is not too thrilled with this schedule, so today, I have opted to forgo going to church and stay close to home… I am going to let Little Sis have a say in when the little ones can go in and out… and for how long… but, this momma hen is staying close by to give Little Sis a hand if need be…

So, with that said, I am going to go let the little ones out to explore, and watch Little Sis teach her young!

Greener Pastures

Till next time,

~ Sheri