A Week in Review…

As I sit here writing this morning, I find myself wondering just what this new week will bring… I’m not altogether sure that I want a repeat of last week…

Last Monday, as mom and I were sitting in the living room, we heard a cracking noise, followed by a loud ‘thud!’ After rushing to the door to see what had happened, we found that a 30-35 ft tree, from a neighboring property, had fallen, narrowly missing my truck!


Since the tree fell on the Rail Trail — a narrow stretch of land connecting our two properties, which is used for hiking, biking and horseback riding — two County Park employees came to clear the fallen tree


It amused me to see that one of this two man crew looked as if he belonged in the rock band ZZ Top!

Such long beards are usually only seen during winter months around here…

As I began taking photos of the progress, and chatted with the workers. ‘ZZ’ turned out to be the most friendly, willing to talk to me and answer any questions…


I started the conversation with asking what they do with the felled trees they clean up… Mom and I were hoping to get some wood chips for our garden...


“ZZ” informed me that although they had been known to give away stumps in the past, he was unsure of wood chips… and after checking with his supervisor, we found it was not meant to be…  (sigh) … we’ll just have to find our much desired wood chips another way…

As they continued their work, they showed me just how rotted the tree was… it was filled with termites and ants…


My biggest concern is the tree next to it!


The two trees share (or should I say ‘shared’) a trunk base, and the one still standing is definitely tall enough, that if it should fall, it would definitely land on both truck and house! Let’s hope and pray it doesn’t!


The two man crew made light work of the clean up and were gone in just a couple of hours! I guess it helps to have a chainsaw… and muscles…

Interestingly enough, the fallen tree did not dispel hikers, biking enthusiasts or horseback riders from their morning trek on the trail!


With the tree cleared, we went back to focusing on our garden…


The first section that we planted, we started from seed…

After 3 weeks since our initial planting, we find that some of the seeds have decided not to sprout… this means, we will have to see about getting more seeds if we want carrots and green beans…

Some, however, like our peas and lettuce are just beginning to peek through the top of the soil… but, our Zucchini and Red Beets are doing wonderfully!

I am looking forward to enjoying some grilled zucchini! Yum!



I am still holding out hope for the peas, lettuce, onion, green beans and carrots… it’s been 3 weeks… how hopeful should I be?

Adding to our garden, we planted another 6 x 6 section… however, wanting to give our veggies a fighting chance against any weeds, we decided to use starter plants!

It’s been a little ‘touch and go,’ these last few days… what with the plants having to deal with temperatures in the 90’s… but, so far, so good!


With all the work we’re doing in the garden, we’ve fenced off the area to keep our chickens away from the plants… some, like Snowball here in the photo, are non too happy about this… sorry guys, we’ll let you back in, after the growing season…

IMG_5733.1 - Snowball

All in all, it was a pretty busy week… we even hired someone to do some much needed cleanup around the farm… but I’ll save that for another day… it’s time to go feed the chickens!

Have a great day, everyone!

Till next time,

~ Sheri


Desperate for change, I left the city behind and moved to the country... I am obsessed with raising chickens, old barns and cooking from scratch. Welcome to my homestead!

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