It Starts with a Dream…

Quiet Road...

Homesteading and the single life isn’t how I imagined my life would turn out…

When I was young, I always imagined that I would get married, have oodles and oodles of kids, and live happily ever after – in the city!

As a teenager, I’d changed my mind many times as to what I wanted to be ‘when I grew up.’ I envisioned myself becoming either a veterinarian, an interior designer, a teacher, a jewelry designer, a seamstress or a fashion designer! And, as for kids, I ‘just knew’ that I was ‘the last of the line.’ If the man of my dreams wanted kids, we could always adopt!

Nope! Homesteading and the single life never entered my mind!

But God had others plans for me…

Little Chicks 2

A few years back, dad become ill. Mom asked me to move back home – to take care of him while she was at work.

Diagnosed with Dementia, it quickly became evident that dad needed full time care. With all the usual bills, including two mortgages, mom worked 50+ hours a week, while I became dads’ full-time caregiver.

For me, it was financial suicide… but what was I supposed to do? He was my dad!

It was during this time, that I’d gotten into direct sales… I think somewhere, in the back of my mind, I’d always wanted to have my own business… so, this seemed an ‘easy fit.’

Let’s face it, working my home-based business allowed me to earn some money, while affording me the flexibility to be at home for dad!

However, after dad’s illness took him from us, I found myself needing to figure out what I was going to do with my life…

Garden - Seeding

It was during a time of fasting and prayer, that one morning, I woke from an unusual dream… I found myself in the middle of a very large field… I started planting rows of seeds… when I was finished planting, I stepped back to view the work I had done… As I looked, I saw the seeds begin to sprout… in the center of each sprout was a person that grew in height… it was then that I woke from my dream…

For the longest time, I had no clue as to what the dream meant… other than a recurring thought… “Planting seeds so that others may grow.’

I had that dream 5 years ago…

Four years ago, mom surprised me with wanting to move to the country… she wanted to raise chickens and goats and grow her own veggies!

As you can imagine… being a city chick all my life – I thought she’d lost her mind!

However, 3 years ago, in July 2014, we made the move…

To say, ‘It hasn’t been easy’ would be a HUGE understatement! The first two years, I struggled… always fighting the idea of this ‘homesteading gig.’

But then this past year, something changed…

During a particularly frustrating day, I needed to get away from the farm… I’d had enough!

I needed a break… and I needed to think… so, I went for a drive!

With no particular direction in mind, I found myself on the ‘other side of the river in farm country.’

I’d found a local park with a lake… so, I decided to stop for a while, and go for a walk… to think… and to pray…

Before I left the lake that day, I had a sense of peace… a peace so strong that it passed all understanding…

On my way home, I passed a huge farm with fields of corn as far as the eye could see!

My heart swelled as I drove past… this is what I wanted!

I could now see the vision mom had for our little farm. In fact, I was envisioning a much larger farm… much, much larger!

It was on that day, that I stopped struggling. I stopped trying to talk mom into moving back into the city… and I started taking a real interest in learning all I could about this self-sufficient, homesteading thing

More than ever, I’m interested in learning the ways of our ancestors… in learning how they did things ‘back in the day.’

With others moving into the area around our farm, I find they are seeking the same self-sufficient lifestyle that mom and I seek… and as I get to know them, they ask me questions… I share with them, both my struggles and what I have learned…

…and no, it hasn’t been lost on me, that I am ‘planting seeds so that others may grow.’

Till next time,



Desperate for change, I left the city behind and moved to the country... I am obsessed with raising chickens, old barns and cooking from scratch. Welcome to my homestead!

2 thoughts on “It Starts with a Dream…

  1. I grew up on a farm, but it was corn & soybeans with big machinery, so I didn’t learn many skills. Thought I’d always live in a town, but fast forward, and I was a single parent living on a homestead. I’m so glad you’ve found peace and inspiration to do it. Homesteading is not easy, but it is the most satisfying lifestyle I’ve experienced. I think balance is important. Don’t think you have to do everything! It may make more sense to pay someone to cut firewood, and spend your time creating income, at least it was for me. It doesn’t make sense to grow beans for drying or grains for flour when you can buy them cheaply. Grow the costly stuff first. Best of luck. And DO form a homestead group of you can of like-minded people, not only for support and labor-sharing but for barter. Babysit for an afternoon in exchange for quarts of honey, etc. We used to get together for butchering day, which made it so much easier and shared expensive equipment.

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    1. Thanks Carolee for your encouragement! You’ve given me some great ideas and a few I will try to implement as soon as possible! Especially the homestead group… I value your input! Out of curiosity, where is your homestead located. We’re in Southern, Pa.
      Thanks again! ~ Sheri


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