Gad Zukes!


I am so tickled with the results of this years garden! The first two years were a bust… well, almost….

The first year we planted broccoli, cauliflower and red beets… nothing grew! Although, we did get a boat load of cherry tomatoes growing from tossed away tomatoes in our compost pile!

Last year, mom was still working full-time in the public transport arena, and I stayed at home to run the farm. However, with my having back and hip issues, the growing season got away from us… still, I was so determined to grow something, ANYTHING, that I started a little table-top garden in our kitchen!

Table-Top Garden

It wasn’t the garden I had hoped for. But, I was pleased just to have some much beloved tomatoes and peppers, plus a few of my favorite herbs! I felt like I had accomplished something! I felt productive!

Now, with mom retired since January, we are both able to give our garden the much needed attention it deserves!

And, our garden is showing us just how much it appreciates the love!

Gad Zukes

The two zucchini I have in my hands are the smallest of the bunch! And yes, before you ask, I decided to have my hair cut short! With the summer heat, I just couldn’t be bothered with my long tresses! We’ll see how I feel come fall… maybe I’ll let it grow back in!

As for the zucchini, we’ve had so many coming in that we are already sharing with the chickens, and there is still more coming in. Good thing I love zucchini!

Now, I just have to decide which way I want to preserve our surplus! Should I can, dehydrate or freeze?

The cool thing is, we are still planting! With only two weeks since our last planting session, our fall crop (although small) is already starting to come in!

Fall Crop

As far as I know, we are the only ones on our road who has a fall crop planted… hmmm, I wonder why that is? I don’t know… I just think if you can plant… then you should plant!

One thing I wish I could figure out though… we seem to be having problems with getting carrots to grow… and we also have a patch of land that nothing, and I do mean NOTHING, seems to want to grow no matter what seeds we plant!

We’ve planted twice now, in that barren section of land… and, we’ve tried two different areas for carrots, along with two different batches of seeds… but still no carrots…

My hope is that we can change that… I see some research in my future! 😉

All-in-all though, considering the first two years, I am tickled pink with how green our garden is this year!

It must be true… Third times the charm!

Till next time,

~ Sheri


Desperate for change, I left the city behind and moved to the country... I am obsessed with raising chickens, old barns and cooking from scratch. Welcome to my homestead!

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