Back on the Wagon to Better Health

It Takes Faith


Hi, I’m Sheri… I’m just a single gal who’s a modern-day homesteader, follower of Jesus, blogger, entrepreneur, amateur photographer, jewelry designer and a struggling gardener — who loves to cook! 

I wasn’t born a homesteading gal. I was born and raised in the city.

Growing up, I was expected to do the usual things — graduate from high school, go to college, get a 9-5 job, get married, and have oodles of kids.

Homesteading and the single life was the farthest thing from my mind!

However, in July of 2014, mom and I made the move to the country in search of a sustainable lifestyle.

You know what? This homesteading life isn’t for the faint of heart… it’s hard work, baby!

Now, 3 years later, more than ever, I am focusing on the farm, cooking, and my health!

Bathroom Scale Humor - Cat and Mouse
Picture via Pinterest

After stepping on the scale today, I didn’t like what I saw… and so right here, right now, I am getting back on the band wagon of good health!

Till next time,

~ Sheri


Desperate for change, I left the city behind and moved to the country... I am obsessed with raising chickens, old barns and cooking from scratch. Welcome to my homestead!

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