Tilling the Soil


With camera in hand, I went outside. I found it to be unseasonably chilly for August weather. As I walked to a favorite spot overlooking our small farm, I could feel drops of rain coming to rest on my face. As the sun struggled to peek through the clouds, I could see the fog was beginning to clear… I needed to get my shot before the opportunity was lost.

As I stood, focusing the lens on my camera, I smiled as the weather reflected the image of the ‘fog’ that was beginning lift in my mind, allowing my thoughts to become clear…

For months now, I’ve been struggling… A sort of midlife crisis, if you will… You know, that state of mind you find yourself in when you’re not exactly sure what to do…

Finances were always at the top of my ‘grocery list’ of prayer requests. But what I kept seeing and hearing during my morning quiet times was, ’till the soil.’

I remember thinking to myself, ‘That’s great Lord, but how do I make any money tilling the soil?’

Not knowing what he meant, I began seeking an income away from the homestead…

On the day that I was to have an interview, I wound up getting a wake up call…

As I sought his leading and direction, I remember saying, ‘Lord, I don’t feel you telling me that I shouldn’t go to this interview, so I’m going… If this isn’t your will, shut the door… Your will be done, not mine.’

Mom told me that I sounded upbeat and positive about the possibility of this job… But, on my way to the interview I got stuck in traffic. As I sat there waiting for the vehicles in front of me to start moving again, the tractor trailer directly in front of me started to back up… The driver never saw me… At least not until after the damage was done…

However, I am very grateful!

It could have been worse… A LOT worse!

Shaken from the experience, I found myself wondering, ‘Why, Lord?

My Creator begin to show me scriptures about tilling the soil and about preparing meals for others. And, about how we can share our hearts and lives with others, even if the meal is simple and the setting is humble. Simply by doing these things, it says to others, ‘I care about you, I love you, and I have prepared a place for you.’

I believe that as each door closes on job opportunities away from the home, my Creator is showing me that I need to trust him more!

He is building my faith.

Faith means to trust… to believe… having trust or confidence in God to take care of my needs!

Just as tilling the soil prepares it by digging, stirring and overturning, which creates air pockets that allow air and water access to plants… God is ‘preparing’ me for something bigger…

He is digging up all the things in me that keep me from walking into the life He has planned for me. He is stirring my heart with the desire of growing and raising our own food… And, he is cultivating a new vision of what this farm is to be used for…

I’m not completely sure what that vision looks like so, I will put my trust in him… He knows what he is doing!

For now, I will put my faith into action and till the land while the weather allows… and, I will use our produce to create delicious, healthy meals for the family!

Till next time,



Desperate for change, I left the city behind and moved to the country... I am obsessed with raising chickens, old barns and cooking from scratch. Welcome to my homestead!

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