Ready for Spring!


It’s been a topsy turvy, rollercoaster ride with the weather, this winter! With temps one day in the 20’s or below, and in the 60’s the next, it’s been hard to plan or get any work done!

Just when I finally figured out what I wanted to do with the pile of pallets in the back of our yard, mother nature decided to dump more snow on us – with the threat of more snow on the weekend!


I’m so ready for spring!

I’m anxiously awaiting the day when I can get into the garden and plant seeds.

Getting dirt under my fingernails is therapy to this winter weary country girl!


When I dig into the dirt, feelings of pleasure fill my head as I work the ground. It makes me feel useful and productive!


I am looking forward to seeing our vegetables grow… and our grocery bill shrinking!

Our plans are for a much larger garden this year! However, I’m not too sure how we will keep our chickens out?!?

IMG_5733.1 - Snowball

The fencing that used to be around our garden, was used to enlarge our flocks free range area, out behind and around our barn.

Although at first they we’re not sure about being allowed to go into the new area, it has become their favorite spot to hang out! The ground seems to be softer… easier for them to dust bath in.

In choosing the seeds I want to plant, I want to ensure I will have plenty of the foods that will allow me to be successful while following The Whole 30.

And my clients, from my home based business, are even getting excited! I’m creating delicious, healthy meals during cooking demonatrations, giving them healthier options that fit their busy lifestyles!

With all these plans I’ve got, I’m itching to get started. I’m so ready for spring.

Now, if Mother Nature would just cooperate!

Until next time,

~ Sheri

The ‘Whole’ Experiment


Its been more than a month since my last post…

For those of you who don’t know… I’ve been struggling with my health….

But, I’m hoping to turn that struggle into a triumph…

Starting tomorrow, and for the next 30 days, I will be following The Whole 30 program.


For those of you who are unfamiliar with The Whole 30, it’s not a crash diet or a weight loss plan. It is a lifestyle change.

Actually, it’s a 30 day experiment, that when I’m done, I will know a lot more about which foods are having a negative impact on my cravings, on my energy, my sleep, and my health.

I will not be cutting calories, carbs or fat. In fact, I will be eating as much real, whole, nutrient dense foods as I want!

There are no pills, meal replacements, or packaged foods to buy. As it is, the entire program and a ton of resources are available online – for free!

Now, you may ask why I’m choosing to embark on this journey… Well, I’ll tell you…

Ever since I was a child, I’ve struggled with a faulty digestive system. While most people would only take 3 hours to digest their food, it takes my body 3 days… However, in the last few years, it has taken a toll on my stomach lining as well, making most of the foods I eat to cause me severe stomach and gallbladder pain.

I also struggle with an emotional relationship with food…

During a lengthy abusive relationship, I sought food for comfort. Food didn’t yell and scream at me. Food didn’t call me names and tell me I’d never amount to anything. Food didn’t tell me I was useless… Food was my friend.

When I’m depressed, I reach for food to comfort me – especially sweets! And the more sweets I eat, the more I crave!

Top all that negativity with the struggles we’ve gone through on the homestead, and what you see before you is a very unhealthy woman with low self-esteem.

What I am hoping, by committing to The Whole 30, is to build up my health, my energy and my strength… and, in the long term improve my physical attitude about myself and my life.

However, I can’t do this on my own… I need your support to get through the next 30 days. Can I count on you for your support?

My health is important to me, and I’d value your encouragement and help. Even more so, how do you think you could support me? You may have some creative ideas I might not think of!

One creative idea I believe God has given me, is to focus on farm cooking – using only the foods that can be grown or raised on a farm. But things just didn’t click… Not until I came across The Whole 30…

Since I will be using the farm to grow most of the foods I will be eating, I will be sharing my whole30 journey here, and on my Facebook page Country Girl Homestead.

If you do not already follow me, but you want to support my efforts and follow my journey, then please, feel free to join many others who follow my blog, and, head on over to Country Girl Homestead and click ‘Like.’

Thanks for caring!