There’s Another Rooster in the Yard



Last spring, my boy Teriyaki (a.k.a. Terry) sired 10 chicks. Four of them were boys. And although they all grew up together, we wound up having to remove his boys from the flock.

Once they came of age, our hens had their hands full from all the attention they were getting. Having so many roosters stressed our hens!

The boys were allocated to the barn, and life for our hens returned to normal.


Terrys’ youngins, however, were not keen on their new digs.

But move them we did…

We originally had plans to butcher the ‘extra’ roosters. But instead, I decided to split our brood into smaller flocks. This allowed each of our roosters a few hens of their own.



Since we sell our eggs as ‘pasture raised,’ we needed to be sure that our chickens each had their day in the sun.

At first, we kept our ‘mini’ flocks separate. Some in the coop. The rest, in the barn.

While this kept our roosters from fighting, it meant a good deal of their time was spent indoors.

Something had to change….


With a gate over the coop opening, ‘Terry’ and his girls were able to see Mr. Wattles and his Rhode Island Reds. The ‘Reds’ were originally Terrys’ girls. He was not keen on seeing his ladies with his son, Mr. Wattles!

After a week, of taking turns outside, I decided to test the waters. Would Teriyaki and Mr. Wattles get along in the great outdoors?

I pretty much let ‘Terry’ have his way in the chicken world… however, he does know there are some things I just won’t allow… Like an aggressive rooster..

He may rule the roost, but I rule the rooster… mom and I kept an eye on things while working in the garden.


At first there was a small skirmish as they sorted out the pecking order… but once they figured out who was boss, things settled down.

And so, once more, life has returned to normal on the homestead, even though there is another rooster in the yard.

Till next time,