Hitting the Road…

Quiet Road...


Things have been decided…

It’s no longer an ‘if,’ but a ‘when.’

Mom and I are going to ‘hit the road.’

After talking with some friends, and spending time seeking Gods’ wisdom, we’ve decided to sell the farm, get a camper and do some traveling!

At first, we will do things ‘old school,’ — with a tent, and the basic essential camping gear.

Ultimately, our plans are to get a camper that we can drive – with a hitch to tow our truck, which we will use for sight-seeing, and souvenir shopping! This will allow us to have a place to eat, sleep, cook and bathe!

There is so much to do!

Today, we started to minimize our belongings! It’s amazing just how much STUFF two people can accumulate in 4 years time!

We’ll have a yard sale after we sort out everything and put the money we make towards the camper we’re looking at! Then we’ll sell our little backyard homestead as an ‘as is’ fixer upper!

Know anybody who wants a 6 bedroom farmhouse on just under an acre of land?

People have already been asking us, “Why do you want to give up the farm?’ Well, simply put, mom and I want to do some traveling while she still can! Plus, we have family all across these United States that we’d like to visit!

And before you ask, NO, we haven’t given up on the whole homesteading thing! Even though, quite frankly, this place has been a real challenge, it’s also been a huge learning experience!

We now know what we are truly looking for, and, we will use the time on the road to find our ‘forever farm!’ In fact, we plan on using as many of our homesteading skills as we can while on the road!

We covet your prayers as we start this new chapter in our lives!

My biggest concern, is my income. When we hit the road, my present income will stop!

So, how will I bring something to the table financially while camping full-time?!?

Here’s a few things you could pray for for us:

  • A way for me to earn a living
  • A camper that we can drive, cook, bathe, and sleep in
  • Continued good health
  • Wisdom
  • Safety in our travels
  • A quick sale of our house with enough to pay off the mortgage and a little extra for traveling expenses

Oh, and if you have read all this, and are praying for us, I thank you!

And, if you are a full-time camper/RV-er, then I welcome any helpful tips and/or places to visit!

~ Sheri


Desperate for change, I left the city behind and moved to the country... I am obsessed with raising chickens, old barns and cooking from scratch. Welcome to my homestead!

4 thoughts on “Hitting the Road…

  1. You have all the prayers I can muster up for traveling mercies and good health. Enjoy the next chapter of your life’s journey. Please keep up your blog. If your travels bring you to the Phoenix AZ valley, let me know and I will do my best to meet you.

    Liked by 1 person

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