Nine Months and Fifty Pounds Ago


As I re-read the title, I began to realize that you might think I’m pregnant!

Let me just quell your curiosity…

Being a woman of a ‘certain age that is no longer possible!

However, adjusting to RV life has sometimes felt like giving birth!

Let me explain…


A Time of Transition

In January of this year, we left our 6 bedroom farmhouse, on an acre of land, and headed out on the road in a 22′ travel trailer!

This was no easy feat!

Where once we had plenty of room in our home, we now found ourselves tripping over each other in our (a-hem) ‘cosy‘ little camper!


Figuring out what to take and not take became a daily struggle!

Every item had to be lightweight and serve multiple purposes!

Our dormroom sized refrigerator has little to no room, so grocery shopping became a daily chore!

Even cooking, something I once enjoyed and found therapeutic, became a drudgery!

We started eating out more…


Healthy eating became a thing of the past!

I packed on a total of 50 pounds that I’d previously lost!

Now, I realise that change is an inevitable part of life, but come on!

All the things I once enjoyed doing were becoming a pain!

Deep down I know that every person comes in constant contact with some sort of change… things like marriage, career, kids, sickness, relocating, divorce or retirement…

Some of those changes are voluntary…

Other changes are not..

Some bring joy…

Others bring sorrow and confusion…

One thing I’ve found during this time of transition in my life, is that all change can become a positive, strengthening experience.


I will admit… sometimes I would let fear or frustration and loneliness or pain, and even anger keep me from enjoying our time on the road…

However, I am learning that I can accept the reality of change.

And, perhaps I can provide a few words of encouragement to others…

Yes, change is an inevitable part of life.

However, even the most stressful times of change can sometimes bring about the richest of blessings.

Till next time,

~ Sheri