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Hi, Iā€™m Sheri

I’m a born and raised ‘city chick,’ who in 2014 made the move to the country with my mother after dad passed away.

The single life and homesteading was not the life I had planned! Yet, in the four years that followed, I came to realize that I loved that way of life!

However, while mom is still young enough and has her health, we two ‘chicks’ are gonna pull up stakes and hit the road, pecking our way through these United States!

With a camper bought for our new adventure, we plan to use as many homesteading skills as possible!

Since I can’t take our chickens along OR grow a garden, we will focus on our new life style on the road, visiting, buying and preparing foods from local farms! šŸšœ

And, when opportunities arise, we will be visiting as many farms along the way, in hopes of learning new techniques or revisiting our roots and learning about doing things ‘old school.’

I’m both nervous and exhilarated about this new undertaking. I look forward to sharing our new adventures with you! I hope you hang around for the ride!

Welcome to our homestead on wheels!
~ Sheri


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