Updated Mug Shot - February 2017.jpgHi, I’m Sheri

I’m a single gal, a homesteading wanna-be, follower of Jesus, entrepreneur, struggling gardener… who, loves to cook! Especially ‘old school’ recipes from scratch.

I presently share a home with my mother, who asked me to stay with her after Dad passed away.

Leaving the City Behind

I wasn’t born a homesteading gal. Born and raised in the city, I grew up expecting to do the usual things; graduate from high school, go to college, get a 9-5 job, get married, and have oodles of kids.

Homesteading and the single life was the farthest thing from my mind!

However, in July of 2014, mom and I made the move to the country in search of a sustainable lifestyle.

Moving to the Country Has Been a Learning Experience

Adjusting to country life and raising chickens has been a challenge. Yet, over the course of time, not only have I learned a lot about chickens, I’ve also learned a lot about myself!

I’ve discovered a passion for this way of life – something that city gal I used to be would never have given a second thought to.

Spending time outdoors, learning about the things that grow on my little homestead is quite enjoyable!


Spending time with my chickens — better than therapy!


The Biggest Lesson

I enjoy the learning and the process that goes with this way of life. I appreciate this organic way of living and taking care of myself. I’m truly thankful that I agreed to leave the city behind.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned, is that I want this way of life!

Making This Way of Life Work

It was a BIG decision for this city chick to pick up and move to the country! However, with the lessons I’ve learned – am still learning – I know I have what it takes to run a small farm.

Our chickens are just the gateway to the homesteading life that we want!

This is my journey…

I hope as you follow along, you will find it entertaining, enlightening and even a little bit encouraging.

Welcome to my homestead,

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